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PE pipe connection mode
In general, the common PE connection modes include: ( Yuan Soong is able to offer any standard tool and device for all PE connection modes and any kind of international standard pip joint)

Applications :
basic PE pipe connection, general big size PE pipe connection, joints of various angles, underground pipe engineering, high pressure pipe engineering and so on. Pressure-proof joint has stronger tension resistance than mother pipe which reduces the possibility of leakage of joint and construction cost.

Applications :
high-quality pipe connection mode for piping requiring high safety, such as gas pipe, fast repair for pipe leakage, tapping saddle, high-pressure pipe engineering and so on. After welding the electrofusion fittings, it can strengthen pressure and tension resistance of jointed point, the most safe pipe connection generally accepted by the world.

Compression fitting
Applications :
fast and simple connection mode in the use of intermediate/low-pressure pipe connection and various materials made pipe connection. Its re-usability lowers pipe maintenance and serving cost.

Applications :
the fastest PE pipe connection mode, small size pipe connection, building pipe engineering, intermediate-pressure pipe engineering. Its most advantage is to offer pipe joint at inexpensive price.

Push-fast fitting
Applications :
the fastest connection mode, generally used in short-term engineering and difficult pipe engineering. Its pressure resistance is no less than that of other connection modes.

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